All committees will report their activities to the general membership.

Membership Committee – Report at each meeting current membership, newly joined members, and any changes from the preceding month.  

Precinct Delegate/Recruitment and Training Committee –  Responsible for efforts to ensure all precinct delegate positions are filled and precinct delegates are fully trained and able to fulfill their responsibilities. 

Planning & Fundraising Committee – This committee will be in charge of planning events for the Club and endorsed candidate events.  The chair of this committee will find meeting space for events, and coordinate with any candidate events. 

Fundraising and Events Committee – This committee will be chaired by the Treasurer with its main mission to raise funds for the Club. 

Endorsements and Candidate Recruitment Committee – This committee will vet candidates and proposals, and make endorsement recommendations as described in Article XI of the bylaws.  

Outreach Committee – This committee will work with other Democratic Clubs and activist groups.

Communications Committee: This committee will oversee the website, social media, and print mail.